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Convert trade show booth visits into sales

Convert trade show booth visits into sales

Use Pitchlink to engage with contacts immediately,
follow up effectively and raise your conversion rate.

For prospects who show interest in your offering at trade-shows,
you have to re-start the engagement process after the event.
This often ends up costing you days.

Immediate and Easy, One-on-one Follow-up of Booth Visitors.


Take notes of your conversation with the prospect.


Record a short, personalized video message.


Add message to a pre-built sales pitch.


Send the customized sales pitch to the lead within minutes.

Engage with the prospect within hours of the meeting with immersive and relevant educational content to close business sooner. Use Pitchlink to seize the opportunity to leverage off their initial interest generated at your booth by providing valuable timely knowledge about your offering that they were interested in before they can forget about you.

By the time your prospect is in their hotel room, a comprehensive sales pitch with a customized message and a reference to the conversation they just had at the venue is sitting in their in-box. And it can be shared easily.

What is PitchLink?

  • PitchLink is a platform for creating and viewing sales pitches that are easily strung together using rich media. Your value proposition is sent to a potential buyer as a single link, that opens up in an easy viewing interface, and enables continued engagement between you and your buyer.

  • Customized messaging on every unique pitch, sent to target prospects, allows personalization at scale, while relying upon high quality standardized communication templates based on target personas.

  • PitchLink is an enterprise platform that it ideal for today's complex sales with multiple decision makers, who have limited time to make decisions. The platform enables faster learning about an offering and team participation from both buyers and sellers to help accelerate sales.

Faster Time-To-Revenue through enhanced engagement and better qualification

Create and advance relationships

Create and advance relationships

Create meaningful connections through fast and efficient customized messaging that can engage the prospect with relevant information to advance the relationship.

Improve Recall & Raise credibility

Improve Recall & Raise credibility

Immediate follow-up creates better recall and demonstrates efficiency, professionalism, credibility, and genuine interest.

Continue Engagement by sharing relevant content

Continue Engagement

Sellers and buyers can have conversations in several chat rooms. All messaging on the platform push notifications to participants encouraging faster responses.

Qualify Leads

Qualify Leads

Prospects can opt-out easily and sellers can assess deal progress within the application to qualify leads quickly and efficiently.

Assess Intent

Assess Intent

You can assess interest of the prospect when they share the pitch with other stakeholders and share internal information through continued engagement.

Built to overcome the four primary challenges of exhibitors

Start enduring relationships

PitchLink enables you to connect using customized and personalized communication

Respond quickly with relevant material

PitchLink empowers you to respond immediately with relevant material

Build Recall and remain top-of-mind

Quick response and repeat engagement will build on interests and recall

Continue engagement with ease

PitchLink is a dedicated platform for engaged discussions and sharing data

Two ways to engage with two kinds of visitors

The unknown walk-in

The unknown walk-in.

  • Summarize your conversation with the prospect after the conversation ends. Once the visitor leaves the booth, record a personalized video message addressing the prospect and their specific challenge.
  • Insert the personalized message and the conversation into a pre-made standardized, high-quality pitch. Sales pitches are visual narratives of your value proposition created on the PitchLink platform by your sales, marketing, and creative teams.
  • Send the pitch immediately to the prospect.
The Registered Visitor

The Registered Visitor

  • When you have access to visitor data prior to the exhibition, you can send out a PitchLink to the expected visitor before the show, inviting the prospect to visit your booth and have a conversation.
  • When the visitor drops in, answer the questions they have. Summarize the conversation once they leave.
  • Create a follow-up pitch to the original, addressing specific queries and attaching details of the conversation at the booth.
  • Send the follow-up pitch to the prospect and continue engagement.

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